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Antinomy exhibitionCOMING SOON

From 20th March 2020, Marianne Anselin and Ambroise Degenève share their non-conformist view on jewelry, playing with metals and materials like a poet plays with words.



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Elsa Vanier in Le FigaroElsa Vanier in the FIGARO 

Contemporary Jewelry & Designers in Paris

Galerie Elsa Vanier showcases contemporary jewellery designers whose unique talent gives pride of place to rare, precious or fascinating materials.

Our makers offer a wide array of profiles, from those who create art jewellery with gemstones, passionate gold and silversmiths and artists who question the meaning of wearing a piece of jewelry.
Although most of the Jewellery embark yellow, red or white gold, silver, gemstones and pearls, more and more Jewellery makers include titanium, aluminium and iron in their works. We enjoy bold design coupled with fine craftsmanship and those new materials allow larger volumes.

Whether earrings, necklace, ring or bracelet, designer jewelry is, for us, a wearable Art work and our ambition is to make the general public discover jewelry makers whose works are moving by their beauty and their meaning.

Some jewels are one-offs, others are part of a small line, form a limited numbered collection and can bear the signature of the maker. The Gallery participates in events, exhibitions or conferences to highlight the diversity of the scene of contemporary jewellery or crafts.

Many of our artists such as Marianne Anselin, Hélène Courtaigne Delalande, Laurence Oppermann, Agathe Saint Girons or John Moore (John Moore Jewellery) have received prestigious international awards and their pieces have been acquired by museums and private collectors.