The jewels sold by the gallery are signed (hallmarked) or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

On each piece of jewellery, on each object in which precious metal, gold, silver or platinum is used, a master stamp, unique to each artist, attests to the authenticity of the object.

In France, the hallmark is deposited with a state guarantee office and, in the case of a foreign creator, installed outside the European Union, it is the gallery that guarantees the authenticity of the object by affixing its hallmark.

In addition, jewellery intended for sale in France and containing more than 30 grams of silver or more than 3 grams of gold or platinum must be stamped with a hallmark attesting to the purity of the metal, except in cases where the hallmark is dispensed with (rare cases of fragility of the object).

French Punches

Example of a master stamp (diamond) and eagle head (gold 750 ‰) of the French State

If you would like Read more, below is an enlarged reproduction of the most common French state hallmarks:
The eagle's head for 750‰ (18 carat) gold, the Minerva head for 800 to 925 ‰ silver and the dog's head for 850 and 950 ‰ platinum.

Diamonds and stones :

The most precious stones can be accompanied by an expertise report. The expertise is carried out on the stone, before its setting by a laboratory such as for example:

The diamonds of a weight higher than 0,5 carats and of a value higher than 1000 euros are generally accompanied by a report giving its characteristics: color, purity, weight and quality of the cut (the 4 C in English -colour, clarity, carat and cut).

We are gemologists and will gladly help you choose a diamond. 

The gallery can also take care of having your stones appraised by the French Gemmological Laboratory or have your jewellery evaluated by an expert.