"In.Love" Fine Gold on Steel

 "In.love" fine gold on steel

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Wedding ring


A satin finished stainless steel ring inlaid with a yellow gold half circle; put  two together and a golden circle spans both rings. Available with gold or platinum inlay or set with 7 white or brown diamonds. 

Finding the right size

190,00 €

Delivery: about 10 working days
Weight, components, dimensions
  • Weight : 6,5 Grams
  • Dimensions : 6.5mm wide, 2.5 mm thick
  • Main component : Steel
  • Other component : 24ct fine gold



Only when they are together do two lovers feel complete - and only together do the two Niessing Love wedding rings form a perfect circle. The two semicircles are made of fine gold or fine platinum, white or brown diamonds…