SSM 45 Ring

Scultpure Sur Mesure 45 Ring
Scultpure Sur Mesure 45 Ring


Annie Sibert

A multi-layered silver, steel and brass ring shaped using a metal lathe. Each ring is a one-off and it can be commissioned in another size. Please contact us

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  • Weight : 45 Grams
  • Dimensions : 20mm long, 4mm thick
  • Main component : Sterling silver
  • Other component : Steel



These objects are the result of a technique and of an industrial know-how. With a lathe you can bore holes in metal. Watching this tool operating reminded the jewelry designer of the magic at work when a photograph is gradually revealed in the developer bath. Her rings constitute a sensitive experience of the workshop:  She takes in the smell of the various metals, she experiments on their malleability, plays with their colours, while testing their limits and those of the tools she uses.


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