Three Rows "Vigne" Titanium and Gold Necklace

Three Rows "Vigne" Titanium and Gold Necklace


Florence Croisier

Anodized titanium and yellow gold tubes evoking virginia creeper. Can be worn in different ways. Available in other colors.

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  • Weight : 18,7 Grams
  • Main component : Titanium
  • Other component : 750 ‰ yellow gold


Virginia creeper

The pieces of this collection adorn the body like the stems of a living and moving Virginia creeper. 
Titanium is a light and resistant metal of medium gray color. It has the ability to reveal a wide spectrum of colours by the anodizing process.
The colour on titanium jewellery is only a thin and superficial layer, so it is fragile, especially rings and bracelets.