"Mechanics" Long Necklace

"Mechanics" long necklace
"Mechanics" long necklace

Long necklaces

Marianne Anselin

Discs and plates of rust patinated iron are held together by yellow gold to form an incredible long necklace . A one-off piece. Similar works can be made to order.

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2 280,00 €

Delivery: about 10 working days
Livraison gratuite en Europe
  • Weight : 238 Grams
  • Dimensions : 100 cm long
  • Main component : oxydised iron
  • Other component : 750 ‰ yellow gold

Le mot d'Elsa
Old tools and mechanical pieces are harvested by the artist who arrange them into a wearable necklace paying tribute to handcrafting. All rivets are gold, sometimes embedding a seed.


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