Funky Ivory Necklace 8

Funky Ivory 8

Long necklaces

Agathe Saint Girons

Eight Corozo nuts (also called vegetable ivory) are lacquered with different colours then sanded down to reveal an abstract pattern. The beads are threaded through with sterling silver and strung onto a double leather cord.
One-off piece.

1 600,00 €

Delivery: about 10 working days
Livraison gratuite en Europe
  • Weight : 291 Grams
  • Main component : Sterling silver 50 Grams
  • Main gemstone : Corozo nut


Funky Ivory

The result of an invitation to "sculpt plants" for the Gallery's fifth anniversary (Wooden wedding), the FUNKY collection is made up of a variety of matters hidden under a multicoloured lacquer.


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