Marianne Anselin collects metal pieces rejected in nature, polishes them, ennobles them and combines them with precious materials whileAmbroise Degenève maltreats gold and silver, alters and corrodes them...

Their stages of creation are diametrically opposed but both are touched by the writing of time on the material and their jewels summon wonder and forgotten worlds...

Marianne est une merveilleuse conteuse. Elle a présenté l’exposition Samedi 5 Décembre 2020.


For this Exhibition, Marianne Anselin decided to work with industrial objects found in nature:

"Springs, gears, wrenches, washers... These discarded objects, collected during my wanderings and then amassed in the workshop, hold my attention because they are both beautiful and now useless in our society..."



Ambroise Degenève creates by incessant experimentation of materials and revisits ancient techniques. His pieces, with their massive shapes and rough, damaged surfaces, often conceal precious metals under a skilful patina and mischievously camouflage diamonds and stones.