Swift Stud Earrings

Swift Stud Yellow Gold Earrings
Swift Stud Yellow Gold Earrings


John Moore

Small stud earrings in the shape of wings. With silver and gold John has pushed the limits of metal, giving it the flexibility of paper to create sculptural 3D forms.

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990,00 €

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  • Weight : 4,5 Grams
  • Dimensions : 45mm
  • Main component : 750 ‰ yellow gold

Throughout time, winged symbols have been used to empower the wearer - Hermes' boots, Egyptian pectorals, the headdress of American Plains Indians. The Swift collection in silver or18 ct gold continues this tradition.



Directly inspired by feathers, which in John Moore’s mind are untouchable in their beauty, these earrings are meant to capture the essence of a feather's beauty in a mechanical yet respectful way.


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