Yellow Flight Stud Earrings 20mm

Yellow Flight  stud earrings, 20mm

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John Moore

Small stud earrings based on feathers. They are extremely light. Be prepared for the shade and the pattern to vary very slightly from the photograph.  They are dyed with a combination of hand printing and dip dyeing so every pair is unique.

95,00 €

Delivery: 10 working days
Weight, components, dimensions
  • Weight : 1,6 Grams
  • Dimensions : 20mm*15mm
  • Main component : Aluminium 1,4 Grams
  • Other component : Steel



Directly inspired by feathers, which in John Moore’s mind are untouchable in their beauty, these earrings are meant to capture the essence of a feather's beauty in a mechanical yet respectful way.