hallmarks and CERTIFICATeS

 The gold of precious jewelry, that provides the highest quality over time and is best for setting stones, is 18-carat gold. This gold is made up of 75% solid gold and 25% other metals, generally silver and copper, sometimes palladium.

According to French law, precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, must bear hallmarks after undergoing checks on the purity of the metal.

Jewelry must bear two hallmarks. The hallmark of the workshop or the jeweler, which is placed in a diamond-shaped box, and the official State hallmark. The latter indicates the purity of the metal,  e.g. an eagle’s head for 18 carat gold (an ancient unit of measure divided into 24ths), 18/24 = 75%. The State hallmark is compulsory for pieces containing as of 3 grams of gold and 30 grams of silver.

The most common hallmarks in France are the eagle’s head for 18 carat gold, the Minerva head for 950/1000 silver and the dog’s head for 950/1000 platinum.




Most precious gems can be assessed by a certificate. A certificate is a report from a laboratory such as :

LFG Paris      Gemmological Institute of America    HRD    IGI

Diamonds over 0.5cts come generally with a certificate which gives its characteristics: colour, clarity, carat and cut.
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