In France, a maker’s mark must be punched on every piece of jewellery, on every object made of the slightest amount of precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum. The maker’s mark is drawn within a diamond shape.
The maker’s mark is personal and its design is registered at the Assay office. In the case of a foreign jeweler or goldsmith from outside the European Union, the importer is responsible for the metal fineness and the importer’s mark must be punched onto the piece. The importer’s mark is drawn within an oval shape.

On top of the maker’s mark every object containing more than 3 grams of gold or platinum or 30 grams of silver is assayed and hallmarked with a state mark. Eagle’s head for gold, Minerva head for silver and dog’s head for platinum.

The French administration only accepts the marks from some EC countries (and Switzerland) where controls are as stringent as in France.

French hallmarks

Maker's mark and Eagle's head State mark on a white gold ring