Esther Assouline

10 years in exploration



Esther Assouline has a long history of collecting objects from the ancient world: fibulae, pearls and ornaments that were acquired in auction rooms. “The call of my Mediterranean origins”, she says. 
For a long time, she mused over her acquisitions, studying them from all angles and imagining a place for them in her jewelry.
And then, suddenly, she understood how to integrate the talismans and pearls into her ornaments: they would be mounted in- tact, as a goldsmith of the Ptolemaic era would have done, but with her vision and her sensitivity.
The rest of the journey followed naturally. She chose pieces that were already drilled and began to integrate them into gold chains, creating patterns of gold and ornaments for which she alone has the secret.

Visuels exposition Esther Assouline


Rings, yellow gold or platinum, diamonds and gemstones, one-of-a-kind
Turquoise necklace– pendant and chains in yellow gold, amulet and ceramic beads from Ancient Egypt, sherry color diamonds, turquoise, ruby ;
« Grenade » necklace – antic cornelian heart-shaped amulet, ceramic beads, Ancient Egypt, yellow gold chain, grey and yellow gold elements, diamonds, emeralds;
« Buisson » pendant, yellow gold, pink and cinnamon colour diamonds.

Esther Assouline imprints in her creations the richness of her Eastern origins and the joy inherent in her materials and colors. She lets the imperfections in the materials guide her creativity, and her tools then bring out the uniqueness of the metal. Her lines are rarely regular. Her pendants express a fragment of history.

Without nostalgia, Esther's energy and frankness anchor her pieces in the present of her own story - a light ring for her daughter, a tribute to a family jewel of Berber origin ...

Esther's joy is in creating. While her soul and history are there to see, her choices are dictated chiefly by the finished object she is making. 
As the forms and the purpose of the object are considered at length, she still likes to tackle the material live: few drawings upfront and carving as a favourite technique. With tools (chisels) that she has manufactured and which are adapted to the desired rendering. 
Esther Assouline’s identity is omnipresent in jewels as varied as her imposing rings and her finest necklaces, with diamonds and tourmaline for color and gold and platinum for texture and patterns. 

Extract from a text by Doan Biraud


Exposition Esther Assouline




Anubis amulet, blue-green china, Ptolemaic era, ready to be mounted;

Chiseling – The ring is set in a kind of cement, Esther hammers softly with her chisel to enhance the patterns on the cast ring

« Oudjat » necklace – «Oudjat » and earthenware beads from Ancient Egypt, yellow gold chain, briolette-cut yellow diamond.