Opening exposition Paris - Tel Aviv

As part of the France-Israel Season 2018, Elsa Vanier has invited three Is- raeli designers to exhibit their contemporary jewelry. By doing so, she is cre- ating a dialogue with three selected French designers:

Yael Friedman, Hadas Levin, Shir Pins - ISRAEL

Marianne Anselin, Florence Croisier, Agathe Saint Girons - FRANCE

Visuels bijoux créatrices israëliennes exposition Paris - Tel Aviv

Yael Friedman, « Puzzle » ring ; Hadas Levin, « Road Marks », pendants, 2018, black steel, fine gold, oxidized silver ; Shir Pins, «Attempt at Happiness #2» pendant, silver

All these jewellers from Israel reflect on the concepts and events that are moving them - Memory and trace of time, relationships and everyday life...

Yael Friedman has been exploring new shapes, materials, techniques and technologies for more than 20 years. She considers jewelry as an interactive form of art, wearable sculptures that call on the wearer to manipulate them.

For Hadas Levin, jewelry making is like a continuous story. A tale using an intimate language of images and shapes. She weaves her own story into her work, one told in a language of materials, images and forms.

Most of Shir Pins‘works originate in a thought or observation that the designer feels is essential to express in material form. Her jewelry is an intimate object - revealing or on the contrary, concealing the thoughts and desires of the wearer.

All three studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Jerusalem) and are exhibiting regularly in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Their jewelry will echo those by Marianne Anselin, Florence Croisier and Agathe Saint-Girons, as we remarked that their favorite subjects or the themes they like to develop were like our guests’.

Visuels bijoux créatrices françaises exposition Paris - Tel Aviv

Marianne Anselin,« Bourgeon » ring, 2017 ; Florence Croisier, « Tissier des liensnecklace 2016 © M. Gantner ; Agathe Saint Girons,« Gribouillis » necklace, 2016

These 6 jewelry designers express themselves through strong, bulky or voluntarily fragile pieces. Their works combine various materials, from the most precious to the most unusual.

 This exhibition is part of the "cultural walk" proposed for the France-Israel Season 2018, to discover talents and stimulate fruitful artistic exchanges.