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Opening - Martin Spreng exposition Explorer

Martin Spreng exposition EXPLORER manchette "Les Roseaux" Titane et tourmalines


"An Explorer" is the artist, Martin Spreng's first personal exhibition at our gallery. The exhibition showcases his journey as an artist and as a craftsman.

The exhibition will include his creations from back at a time when he was a cabinetmaker and before he devoted himself to jewellery. At that time, he designed and created contemporary encrustations within the Xylos team.

The exhibition will also showcase some jewellery creations which were created during his first 12 years in the jewellery making. But the highlight of the exhibition will be his very new creations in titanium, gold and stones...


Exposition EXPLORER Martin Spreng


Altar « The 12 apostles » Saint-Leu -Saint-Gilles church, Paris, 2005 ; Brooch « Espace », Sterling silver, gold, ebony, diamonds, one-off, 2013 ;

« Roseaux » bracelet in titanium, yellow gold, tourmalines, 2019


EXPLORE ... Materials, trades, countries ...

Through his life, Martin Spreng has been a true explorer. Born in Munich, in a family that truly appreciated creativity, Martin realised the significance of art at a very young age. He came to France to refine his

comprehension of the cabinetmaking field. Here, he explored, absorbed and mastered the skill of working with wood, while performing marquetry as a part of the “Xylos" group for 30 years. Later, intrigued by the art of jewellery, he trained and mastered himself in this domain.

The freedom to explore different materials and ability to use his creativity without any restraints attracted him towards this path. He finally took a decision to pursue and dedicate himself to jewellery creation.

Martin has been a part of the gallery for 12 years. His work has been appreciated by all for its distinctiveness and uniqueness. In his work, he interacts with matter, creating invaluable surface effects and oxidations. He

endorses the contrast between the rough and the precious, unhesitatingly mixing materials like patinated steel with platinum, titanium with gold, thus displaying his fine craftmanship by making any material more

precious and valuable.

In 2018, when he first started working with titanium, he was amazed with the vast resourcefulness it offered: colours within range of flame, patinas, oxidations with startling surface effects. It was thrilling for him to work with titanium’s hardness and lightness to create bolder volumes!

Bague roseau titane, or jaune et grenat