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Winter's Tales : 14th December 2019 to 31st January 2020

Jewellery tell timeless stories. They surprise, captivate and interrogate. 

Some seal secrets, celebrate, will move to the tears or whisper silent words of love when others tell what we are, our strengths and our convictions.

For our winter exhibition, 4 young jewellery designers exhibited for the first time in France: Emmeline Hastings, Sowon Joo, Michelle Lung and Karin Roy Andersson

They joined :

Marianne Anselin, Esther Assouline, Donna Brennan, Christophe Burger, Florence Croisier, Ute Decker, Ambroise Degenève, Marine Dominiczak, Patrice Fabre, Flavia Fenaroli, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Jo Hayes-Ward, Josef Koppmann, Daphné Krinos, Marion Lebouteiller, Patricia Lemaire, Catherine Mannheim, John Moore, Laurence Oppermann, Suzanne Otwell-Nègre, Philippe et Laurence Ratinaud, Agathe Saint Girons, Kayo Saito, Fabrice Schaefer, Oliver Schmidt, Annie Sibert, Martin Spreng, Yolo Takirai & Pietro Pellitteri, Karola Torkos, Claire Wolfstirn and Cristina Zani.


Agathe Saint Girons, DINNER'S READYYYY! : 7th November to 4th December 2019 

The jewellery will be exhibited during our winter show as well.

Behind the apparent flightiness of the words that French mothers shout day in, day out - “Dinnnner’s readyyy!” -  is the name of an exhibition in which Agathe Saint Girons introduces us to her vision of the influence of her family life on her artistic career.

The first original feature of this exhibition is to show jewellery that has sometimes been named before coming into the world and as an impulse to the creative act, a sort of catalyst of the desire to form, colour, adorn...

The second original feature of the exhibition is to showcase a series of "jewelry-portraits” created following a long conversation between Agathe Saint Girons and a sponsor. A jewel that evokes the future owner’s personality, his or her life and achievements while keeping secret that which is not to be revealed.

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BAUHAUS 100 : 25th September - 26th October 2019

2019 marks the celebration of a significant anniversary: Bauhaus turns 100!

The combination, artist-craftsman in a single hand and the quest for beauty without ornamentation, is probably what brings together the works of the duet Yoko Takirai / Pietro Pellitteri,(It), Josef Koppmann, (GB), Daphne Krinos, (GB), Niessing, (All.), Suzanne Otwell-Nègre, (Fr) and Karola Torkos.

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Martin Spreng - An Explorer : 24th Mai - 22nd July 2019

"AN EXPLORER" is the artist, Martin Spreng's first personal exhibition at our gallery. The exhibition showcases his journey as an artist and as a craftsman.

The exhibition will include his creations from back at a time when he was a cabinetmaker and before he devoted himself to jewellery. At that time, he designed and created contemporary encrustations within the Xylos team.

The exhibition will also showcase some jewellery creations which were created during his first 12 years in the jewellery making. But the highlight of the exhibition will be his very new creations in titanium, gold and stones...

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KNOTS : 22nd March - 4th May 2019

To bind, to tie are gestures as old as humanity and to which jewellery designers pay tribute out of precious materials.

Links, knots, splices or ligatures keep their mystery. Are they a motionless evocation of the movement or a necessary link? Trompe l'œil or real art of knotting?

Jewelry by : Marianne Anselin, Christophe Burger, Ute Decker, Patrice Fabre, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Marion Lebouteiller, Oliver Schmidt and Annie Sibert.

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Kaleidoscope : 4th Decembre 2018 - 22nd February 2019

Curated by TLikeTwinkle

« … I would stand transfixed before the windows of the confectioners' shops, fascinated by the luminous sparkle of candied fruits, the cloudy lustre of jellies, the kaleidoscope inflorescence of acidulated fruit drops - red, green, orange, violet: I coveted the colours themselves as much as the pleasure they promised me. … » (Simone de Beauvoir, Mémoires d’une jeune fille rangée, 1958).

Thus, the time of an exhibition, the gallery is transformed into a giant kaleidoscope...

Eight European designers, mostly exhibited for the first time in France, offer new colors, textures and materials that enrich the existing scene.

Jewelry designers : Donna Brennan (UK), Luisa Bruni (IT), Ute Decker (UK), Laura Forte (IT), Fraser Hamilton (UK), Daphne Krinos (UK), Mark Nuell (UK) and Cristina Zani (UK).

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All Niessing : 8th and 9th Decembre 2018

Niessing, the inventor of Tension Ring and …

The NIESSING manufacture was thrown into the limelight nearly 40 years ago when the Tension Ring, The Niessing Ring® was created. This ring, constituting a veritable revolution in the art of crimping a diamond that seems suspended, has entered the collections of the MOMA in New York. It has become iconic and Niessing has declined in more than 10 models.

The other highlight of Niessing is its range of precious metal colors, the result of a real work of alchemist started in the 80s. With "Solaris", a gradient of yellow gold to red, their latest, Niessing now offers 12 colors of 750 ‰ gold and platinum, a real circle of 13 colors.

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Paris - Tel-Aviv : 7th November - 5th December 2018

As part of the France-Israel Season 2018, Elsa Vanier has invited three Israeli designers to exhibit their contemporary jewelry. By doing so, she is creating a dialogue with three selected French designers:

Jewelry Designers:

Yael Friedman, Hadas Levin, Shir Pins - Israel
Marianne Anselin, Florence Croisier, Agathe Saint Girons - France 

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Esther Assouline, 10 years in exploration : 31 May - 13 July 2018

Esther Assouline has a long history of collecting objects from the ancient world: fibulae, pearls and ornaments that were acquired in auction rooms. “The call of my Mediterranean origins”, she says. For a long time, she mused over her acquisitions, studying them from all angles and imagining a place for them in her jewelry. 

And then, suddenly, she understood how to integrate the talismans and pearls into her ornaments: they would be mounted intact, as a goldsmith of the Ptolemaic era would have done, but with her vision and her sensitivity. 

The rest of the journey followed naturally. She chose pieces that were already drilled and began to integrate them into gold chains, creating patterns of gold and ornaments for which she alone has the secret.

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Weightlessness : 21 March - 19 May 2018

A diamond caught up in a cloud, an imposing, yet light chain, a buoy-shaped pendant that would sink, some jewels seem helium-charged, while others are weighty. Jewellers are blurring the tracks ...

Be delightfully surprised to discover that light is heavy and heavy is light, and to question the concept of “precious”…

Jewelry by: Gitte Bjorn (Denmark), Kim Buck, (Denmark),  Metylis, (Fr), Fabrice Schaefer, (Switzerland), Céline Sylvestre, (Fr)

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Facets of Winter : 24 November 2017 - 20 March 2018

Jewelry designers : Marianne Anselin, Esther Assouline, Hélène Courtaigne Delalande, Florence Croisier, Ambroise Degenève, Nathalieh Dmitrovic, Marine Dominiczak, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Jo Hayes-Ward, Josef Koppmann, Patricia Lemaire, John Moore, Caterina Murino, Niessing, Laurence Oppermann, Philippe Ratinaud, Agathe Saint Girons, Fabrice Schaefer, Annie Sibert, Yael Sonia, Martin Spreng, Claire Wolfstirn.


Titanesque : 5 October - 23 November 2017

For the 2nd edition of the “Parcours Bijoux” in Paris, I wanted to bring together new designers from all over the world and our permanent designers. I am delighted to introduce you to a variety of creations of 12 designers using titanium : insolent colour combinations, extravagant jewelry, some light as feathers, others very weighty, organic pieces and others industrial in appearance... 

Titanium was forged, melted, oxidized, hammered, stretched, slashed, anodized or paved with diamonds and even welded. In any case, it has submitted to the demands, audacity and perseverance of jewellers whom, I believe, deserve our admiration. 

Designers : Marianne Anselin, Florence Croisier, Laurent Diot, Nathalie Dmitrovic, Karen Gay, Roland Kawczynski, José Marin, Meghan O’Rourke, Agathe Saint Girons, Fabrice Schaefer, Vanessa Williams, Claire Wolfstirn

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Agathe Saint Girons, Chained/Unchained : 1- 30 June 2017

In keeping with the rhythm imposed by the creation of a collection "Petit H" for the prestigious HERMÈS, the exhibition of one of a  SPIRALUS  ring at the Museum of Modern Art for "MEDUSA, Bijoux et Tabous", the creation of a vase in homage to the 25th anniversary of the "vase d'Avril" by the designers Tsé-Tsé Associées, Agathe Saint Girons presents now a series of jewels,  made with her fetish materials: Glass, Leather, Metal and Stone(s) .

In her exhibition «Chained, Unchained», Agathe Saint Girons goes through large-format chain-necklaces to freely interpreted rings, pendants or bracelets. The concept of "light chains" having a particular meaning and impact for the artist, these jewels testify to her vital force which transforms these chains into an ode to life. The circle, essential form, is omnipresent but is made bubble... water, air, sound...

Beauty in Beasts : 18 November 2016 - 18 February 2017

The jewelry on show questions or celebrates the animal figure, using bones or fur or a fur-like perception, sometimes with a touch of humour.

Jewelry by : Marianne Anselin, Esther Assouline, Ambroise Degenève, Karen Gay, Patricia Lemaire, John Moore, Maxime Rips, Rie Taniguchi, Thomas V.

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Paris Design Week : 3 -10 September 2016 - Play fair...

Jewelry can be playful fun, a sensual invitation to delight the eye, a tactile toy interacting with the wearer or a pawn in a delectable game of love... Flirtatious or just pure style, the choice is yours…

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Marianne Anselin, Touching Iron : 25 May - 23 July 2016

Iron, rusted steel with a patina, cast iron, gold and silver are her favourites. Together with diamonds, gemstones, wood or smooth frosty glass found on the shore, they become a hand-made powerful and poetic piece of jewelry. From 25th May, Marianne Anselin’s new rings, long necklaces and large cuffs will be exhibited at the gallery, set in a personal scenography...

The jeweller named this exhibition “borrowed impressions”. In French, this expression encompasses both the method to create and the shape of many of her pieces of jewelry…

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Forever! :  24 March - 14 May 2016

Getting married, or married again, or moving in together… a wedding band still remains the all-time, universal token of love, offering a ring is the gesture that has weathered all the changes in the way couples meet and live.

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Appetising jewels : 26 November 2015 - 15 February 2016

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Epigenetics ? What else ? : 8 October - 23 November 2015

9/09/15 to 12/09/2015 at Révélations, Grand Palais

Paris Design Week - Niessing, new gold colours : 4 - 12 September 2015

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Jean Grisoni - Chains that set free : 28 May - 28 July 2015

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BRITAIN 2015 : 21 March - 6 May 2015

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Peek-a-boo Diamonds : 5 December 2014 - 28 February 2015

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Claire Wolfstirn, In shades of light : 3 October - 26 November 2014

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Hervé Obligi, Stones and feathers : 23 May - 31 July 2014

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Cross fertilisation : 21 March - 21 May 2014

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Et + si Affinités... : 14 November 2013 - 12 March 2014

Agathe Saint Girons invites Marianne Anselin
Marianne Anselin invites Muriel Laurent
Muriel Laurent invites Ambroise Degenève
Ambroise Degenève invites Ariel Kupfer

Surprise Party : 6 December 2013 - 19 March 2014

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Agathe Saint Girons, 2 decades of design : 11 October - 27 November 2013

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For more information on past exhibitions, see Elsa's blog (sorry, in French only)