Elsa Vanier + Artistar Jewels

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with « Artistar Jewels ».

Since 2014, Artistar Jewels organize events, exhibitions and collaborations to promote contemporary jewelry. In 2019, the galerie will exhibit some of their selected artists. Stay tuned...

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from 6th April to 6th May 2019

Annie Sibert and Céline Sylvestre take part in an exhibition in Museum of Arts and Crafts in Itami, Japan. 

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 from 13th to 17th March 2019

Jewellery Conversation Between France and Germany

A piece of jewellery – close link between art and the body - makes a powerful means of expression. Can jewellery, as a unique form of language reflecting common intimate and societal issues, present different characteristics depending on which country it originates from ? Can two countries as geographically close as France and Germany develop a creative vocabulary of their own, an idiomatic-related glossary ? We will explore these questions through an informal dialogue, an inviting discussion, an enthusiastic conversation between pieces of jewellery created by the newest generation of both French and German artists.

Marion Delarue, Marine Dominiczak, Emmanuel Lacoste, Typhaine Le Monnier, Annie Sibert, Céline Sylvestre, Yiumsiri Vantanapindu, Anne Achenbach, Sophie Baumgärtner, Katharina Dettar, Pia Groh, Junwon Jung, Florian Milker, Janina Stübler

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   from 8th December 2018 to 31st January 2019

Martin Spreng will be exhibiting his new series "Nature Redefined" at Mobilia gallery.

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 from 5th September to 25th November 2018


Solange Thierry-de-Saint Rapt has been passionate about contemporary artists-jewellers since the 1980s. Collecting their most innovative creations is her way of supporting them. She is fascinated by their use of unexpected and innovative materials. The most diverse materials – string, rubber, recycled elements, plastic, etc. - find their way into their jewellery designs, transformed into the most diverse and surprising shapes. During Brussels Design September her collection will be showcased by the Piovenefabi studio and presented in a way that is distinctly unconventional. 

It is a great honor to see pieces by four of our designers exhibited in this magnificient exhibition : Marianne AnselinPatricia LemaireJohn Moore et Agathe Saint Girons.

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 from 9th to 12th novembre 2018 

European exhibition for applied art

The 7th edition of the Résonance[s] fair will take place at the Exhibition Centre in Strasbourg, from 9 - 12 November 2018.

Veritable reflection of extremely bold design, creativity and artistic renewal of today's craft in Europe, Résonance[s] confirms the excellence of contemporary applied arts.

Seize this opportunity to take part in this exhibition that has continually increased its potency, therefore becoming one of the leading events on the applied arts scene.

Our designers Annie Sibert and Claire Wolfstirn will be exhibiting their work.

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from 4th octobre to 10th novembre 2018

Photo : "Médusa" hand object by Marine Dominiczak

The current hybridization of the disciplines, being specific to the contemporary and global creation, doesn’t exempt the field of jewellery anymore. The fundamental gap between the accessory and the piece of art has gradually expanded since a couple of years. Being transdisciplinary, almost unruly, the artists play the daring card of the contemporary jewellery.
Far beyond its materiality, it questions its era. Being a living art, the contemporary jewel has got performance objectives. Being a mediator between one’s own and the foreign, it works in some kind of concert with other mediums, and exceeds the aesthetical, technical and discursive barriers in order to reflect about our existence through our bodies, which are essential chain links.
The WCC•BF keeps the outreach of this artistic discipline along with Munich, Paris, Barcelona etc. in 2017 thanks to the sixth edition of the European Triennial for Contemporary Jewellery. For this edition, Sweden and France along with Belgium inaugurate the Grande Halle des Anciens Abattoirs with multiple variations of the contemporary jewel.

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 from 5th to 28th October 2018



This is an exhibition of works by 28 French artists, inspired by their creative experiences in Japan, and it is organized as part of the 60th anniversary project of friendship agreement between Paris and Kyoto.

The three themes of the exhibition are: Imprinting Japan, Borrowing Japan and Revisiting Japan.

The pieces displayed in this exhibition are the results of the combination of French creativity and elements of Japanese culture and harmony.

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from 24th to 30th October 2018


As part of its collective communication activities in France, Francéclat Committee proposes a new concept of traveling exhibition, open to the generall public, which will be evolving over his travels : "Secrest of jewellery".

Nearly 300 jewellery from 60 designers will be showcased in a 300m² space. Florence Croisier, Karen Gay, Laurence Oppermann and Agathe Saint Girons, will be taking part in this exhibition, presenting few of their creations..


The exhibition was designed to introduce the general public to the jewellery and make him discover behind the scenes of this fascinating universe. Precious and fine stones, wealth of craftsmanship, jewellery with fabulous stories ...

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