KNOTS : 22nd March - 4th May 2019


To bind, to tie are gestures as old as humanity and to which jewellery designers pay tribute out of precious materials.

Links, knots, splices or ligatures keep their mystery. Are they a motionless evocation of the movement or a necessary link? Trompe l'œil or real art of knotting?

Jewelry by : Marianne Anselin, Christophe Burger, Ute Decker, Patrice Fabre, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Marion Lebouteiller, Oliver Schmidt and Annie Sibert.

Jewelry in KNOTS exhibition

Captions :

Ring  « I ‘ve got you », silver, Annie Sibert, Ring « Absolu entangled », yellow gold, Marion Lebouteiler, Ring « Knot 303 », rose gold, Oliver Schmidt, 

Pendant Coral, yellow gold, black Tahiti pearl, Jean Grisoni, Ring, « A nos futurs 60 ans », yellow gold, iron diamond, Marianne Anselin, Ring « The Curling Crest of a Wave », silver 925, Ute Decker, 

Bracelet «KnΩtforall©», rubber, slate, silver, Christophe Burger, Ring «Knot 1», silver, yellow and fine gold, Karen Gay, Bracelet «Amarrages», rose gold, cotton, Patrice Fabre.






MARTIN SPRENG - EXPLORER : 24th May - 20th July 2019