KALEIDOSCOPE : 4th December 2018 - 22nd February 2019

Curated by TLikeTwinkle


« … I would stand transfixed before the windows of the confectioners' shops, fascinated by the luminous sparkle of candied fruits, the cloudy lustre of jellies, the kaleidoscope inflorescence of acidulated fruit drops - red, green, orange, violet: I coveted the colours themselves as much as the pleasure they promised me. … » (Simone de Beauvoir, Mémoires d’une jeune fille rangée, 1958).

Thus, the time of an exhibition, the gallery is transformed into a giant kaleidoscope...

Eight European designers, mostly exhibited for the first time in France, offer new colors, textures and materials that enrich the existing scene.

Jewelry designers : Donna Brennan (UK), Luisa Bruni (IT), Ute Decker (UK), Laura Forte (IT), Fraser Hamilton (UK), Daphne Krinos (UK), Mark Nuell (UK) and Cristina Zani (UK).

Opening on Sunday 9th December from 3 to 7 pm


Captions (from top to bottom and from left to right): Donna Brennan (GB) – Ring, yellow gold 750‰, amethysts and pink tourmalines / Luisa Bruni (IT) – « Splash », ring, yellow gold 750‰ and Perspex / Ute Decker (GB) – « Curl », ring, Fairtrade 750‰ yellow gold / Laura Forte (IT) – Ring, oxidized silver and yellow gold 750‰ / Fraser Hamilton (GB) – « Mask », pendant, yellow gold 750‰ and sapphires / Daphne Krinos (GB) – Earrings, oxidized silver and yellow gold 750‰ / Mark Nuell (GB) – Ring, yellow gold 750‰ and red garnet / Cristina Zani (GB) – Necklace, gold plated silver, wood with golden highlights







KNOT : 23rd March - 30th April 2019