Winter's Tales : 14 Dec. 2019 - 31 Jan. 2020

Winter's tales Exhibition

Jewellery tell timeless stories. They surprise, captivate and interrogate. 

Some seal secrets, celebrate, will move to the tears or whisper silent words of love when others tell what we are, our strengths and our convictions.

Sowon Joo Corolla Necklace

Sowon Joo, Corrola necklace


For this event, 4 young jewellery designers are exhibited for the first time in France: Emmeline Hastings, Sowon Joo, Michelle Lung and Karin Roy Andersson

They will be joigning :

Marianne Anselin, Esther Assouline, Donna Brennan, Christophe Burger, Florence Croisier, Ute Decker, Ambroise Degenève, Marine Dominiczak, Patrice Fabre, Flavia Fenaroli, Karen Gay, Jean Grisoni, Jo Hayes-Ward, Josef Koppmann, Daphné Krinos, Marion Lebouteiller, Patricia Lemaire, Catherine Mannheim, John Moore, Laurence Oppermann, Suzanne Otwell-Nègre, Philippe et Laurence Ratinaud, Agathe Saint Girons, Kayo Saito, Fabrice Schaefer, Oliver Schmidt, Annie Sibert, Martin Spreng, Yolo Takirai & Pietro Pellitteri, Karola Torkos, Claire Wolfstirn and Cristina Zani.


Agathe Saint Girons, DINNER'S READYYYY! : 7th November to 4th December 2019 

Behind the apparent flightiness of the words that French mothers shout day in, day out - “Dinnnner’s readyyy!” -  is the name of an exhibition in which Agathe Saint Girons introduces us to her vision of the influence of her family life on her artistic career.

Agathe Saint Girons Dinner's readyyy! exhibition

 “Resistance” bracelet, titanium or fine gold-plated silver, from1920 € ; « Tourner en bourrique », mobile ring, titanium 2800 € ; « Keyhole » necklace, titanium and glass beads, 1250 €

The first original feature of this exhibition is to show jewellery that has sometimes been named before coming into the world and as an impulse to the creative act, a sort of catalyst of the desire to form, colour, adorn...

The second original feature of the exhibition is to showcase a series of "jewelry-portraits” created following a long conversation between Agathe Saint Girons and a sponsor. A jewel that evokes the future owner’s personality, his or her life and achievements while keeping secret that which is not to be revealed.

Bijoux exposition Agathe Saint Girons

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