12 June - 25 July 2020


Back to Black by Sajet, Three-Blossom ring by Adomaityte

“If I create, I am someone if I don’t, I am no one. I have no idea how else to explain it. It is the flowing energy of being alive”. Violeta Adomaitytė’s words come alive when you look at the jewellery that evokes her vision of nature and everyday life with indulgence and ingenuity...

Immersed in Art since childhood, Violeta graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. There, the study of engraving techniques, involving work on stone and metal ultimately led her to jewellery. For her, jewellery is the ideal medium to bear witness to important moments in history or in the lives of people.

Her precise, meticulous work reveals her attraction for matter. She handles a silver plate like drawing paper, appreciates enamel, tries out everything with curiosity ...

Branch ring by Violeta Adomaityte

Violeta Adomaitytė, “Almond Blossom Tree“ Ring,925  silver, 750 yellow gold, mother of pearl, enamel.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Sajet attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and then was selected to do an internship in Padua with master goldsmith Francesco Pavan.
Most of his jewellery are a reflection on the history of ornamentation, reinterpreted in a contemporary, personal way. Sajet often uses irony, exaggerating the size of the stones, amplifying the rings, offering finally an aesthetic wonder sustained by technical perfection.

Haunted by beauty, his gaze transforms nature into a jewel, any circular shape becoming in his dreams a powerful necklace…

Philip Sajet masters all materials. Working with gold and silver with niello, he incorporates precious stones, pebbles, horn, mother-of-pearl, glass or whole objects if they serve his project!
He is daring with colour, using stones or enamel. Coloured stones enchant him, but he uses them in an unusual way. He might cut them, saw them, replace them with shattered glass, call them up in volume in metal or by gold lines evoking their edges, a sort of metonymy widely imitated ...

Philip Sajet’s works can be found in numerous public collections such as the Stedelijk Museum-Amsterdam, the Victoria and Albert Museum-London, Die Pinakothek der Moderne-Munich, The Fine-Arts Museum-Boston and The Musée des Arts Décoratifs-Paris.


 Philip Sajet, 3 rings

3 "Back to black" rings, silver, niello, yellow gold



Violeta ADOMAITYTĖ  | Philip SAJET :  Exhibition from 12th June to 25th July 2020