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5th October - 23rd November 2017



Until 30th June


Prompt and enthusiastic to meet any challenge, Agathe Saint Girons did not hesitate to engage in the perilous exercise of delivering to the gallery new exclusive pieces in record time.

In keeping with the rhythm imposed by the creation of a collection "Petit H" for the prestigious HERMÈS, the exhibition of one of a  SPIRALUS  ring at the Museum of Modern Art for "MEDUSA, Bijoux et Tabous", the creation of a vase in homage to the 25th anniversary of the "vase d'Avril" by the designers Tsé-Tsé Associées, Agathe Saint Girons presents now a series of jewels,  made with her fetish materials: Glass, Leather, Metal and Stone (s) .

5 large rings, Agathe Saint Girons

In her exhibition «Chained, Unchained», Agathe Saint Girons goes through large-format chain-necklaces to freely interpreted rings, pendants or bracelets. The concept of "light chains" having a particular meaning and impact for the artist, these jewels testify to her vital force which transforms these chains into an ode to life.

The circle, essential form, is omnipresent but is made bubble... water, air, sound...



24th March to 1st June




Six jewellers are our artists of the day taking to their palettes of very varied compositions, ranging from gemstones, enamel, and ceramics, to inks and anodized metals. 
They create jewellery with expressive colours that are crying out “spring is here!”


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John Moore stains aluminium, Florence Croisier anodizes titanium. Agathe Saint Girons applies lacquer on silver, Karola Torkos uses enamel. Esther Assouline and Yael Sonia choose to play with colourful, sparkling but “out of the box” gemstones to escape the constraints of haute joaillerie…


 Captions :


John Moore – “Elytra”, silver and aluminium earrings, stained by hand, from 250 euros
Karola Torkos – “Swirl”, hoop earrings in vermeil and enamel, from 330 euros
Esther Assouline – thin rings, gemstones and diamonds, from 1400 euros
Agathe Saint Girons – « Primaires », one-off pendants in silver and lacquer; from 360 euros
Florence Croisier – « Infini triangle », earrings, anodized titanium, 185 euros
Yael Sonia – « Reverse Fit », earrings, bevelled gemstones and diamonds on gold, from 950 euros