MARTIN SPRENG - AN EXPLORER : 24th May - 20th July 2019


"AN EXPLORER" is the artist, Martin Spreng's first personal exhibition at our gallery. The exhibition showcases his journey as an artist and as a craftsman.

The exhibition will include his creations from back at a time when he was a cabinetmaker and before he devoted himself to jewellery. At that time, he designed and created contemporary encrustations within the Xylos team.

The exhibition will also showcase some jewellery creations which were created during his first 12 years in the jewellery making. But the highlight of the exhibition will be his very new creations in titanium, gold and stones...

Martin Spreng - 3 works


Altar « The 12 apostles » Saint-Leu -Saint-Gilles church, Paris, 2005 ; Brooch « Espace », Sterling silver, gold, ebony, diamonds, one-off, 2013 ; Bracelet « Roseaux » titanium, yellow gold, tourmalines, 2019


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