Marianne Anselin - Ambroise Degenève

20 March - 30 April 2020


Antinomy exhibition, Marianne Anselin, Ambroise Degeneve

Marianne Anselin wanders the outdoors in search of abandoned metal pieces. She extracts those that appeal to her, polishes them and combines them with precious materials. In contrast, Ambroise Degenève crafts precious gold and silver to give them a distressed appearance.

Their creative steps are diametrically opposed but both are inspired by how time affects the appearance of materials. In doing so, their creations conjure up forgotten world…

For this exhibition, MARIANNE ANSELIN has used industrial objects found in nature:

"Springs, gearings, spanners, screws and washers ... These derelict objects, picked up during my wanderings then kept in the workshop hold my attention because they are both beautiful and now useless in our society..."

Marianne loves these forgotten objects, once useful in their time. In her hands, paired with precious stones or gold, they metamorphose into desirable objects.

Ailes Ring, by Marianne Anselin

Ailes Ring, iron, silver, yellow gold, natural topaz, created in 2020, one-off, 1190€

Through extensive experimentation with materials, AMBROISE DEGENEVE creates new techniques and revisits ancient ones. His jewellery often features a large surface, roughened as if damaged. He often skilfully conceals precious metals under patinas and camouflages diamonds and stones.

“Through my work, I try to create hybrid pieces. Drawing constantly from the codes and techniques of different eras in the history of jewellery, I refer to anachronism as a method of creation. "

Ambroise Degeneve, 3 rings

Ring, Silver and smokey quartz, 1680€ ; Grille Ring, steel, silver, synthetic spinel,1200€ ; Cactus Ring, oxidized silver, aquamarines, resin, 1200€

MARIANNE ANSELIN | AMBROISE DEGENÈVE : ANTINOMY - Exhibition from 20 March to 30 April 2020