Your jewelry can be personalised with an engraving, put in a special jewelry box and include a special message…

Choice of the box: contact us by telephone to choose your jewelry box.

Special message: if your purchase is a gift, you can enclose a message, by sending us an email, a scan or a card that we will include in the package.


Standard engravings, name and date or a short phrase, are free of charge for gold or platinum jewelry. Hand engravings are carried out following acceptance of a quote from a Parisian workshop.
N.B. Engravings personalise your jewelry and make any change of size or its exchange more expensive.

Niessing rings and bands, whenever large enough, can be engraved:

  • With a short text, a date or phrase; the engraving is free of charge on gold or platinum jewelry.
  • With a stamp (contact us for feasibility study), 35 euro per stamp
  • With a sketch (facsimile), as of 45 euro.


Samples of Niessing typographies : 

Sample of typographies