Allium Porrum Silver Cuff

Allium Porrum Silver Cuff
Allium Porrum Silver Cuff


Marine Dominiczak

A wide satin finished cuff bracelet in sterling silver. It is hand forged and made of two cold-rolled parts. Each model may slightly differ. Can be made to measure ti fit the writ perfectly.

1 920,00 €

Delivery: about 10 working days
Livraison gratuite en Europe
  • Weight : 208 Grams
  • Dimensions : 68 millimeter long ; 40 millimeter wide
  • Main component : Sterling silver 208 Grams


Allium Porrum

Inspired by the leek growth motif, the "allium porrum" pieces are made from metal plates that are rolled progressively to reduce their thickness while leaving the tool marks: faceted streaks reminiscent of the leaf patterns.
The plates, shaped one by one, turn into rings that telescope one into the other to create a set looking like Russian dolls. The modularity invites you to manipulate and play, experiment the object.


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