"Stitch" Armband Titanium

"Stitch" Armband  Titanium
"Stitch" Armband Titanium


Florence Croisier

Armband made from 7 rows of anodized titanium, blue-green, yellow and a sbbtle pink. Both airy and soft. This armband is adjustable and may be suitable for 2 or 3 sizes. Exist in other colours of titanium, 40 (5 rows) or 50mm wide.

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  • Dimensions : 50mm wide
  • Main component : Titanium 20,2 Grams


Maille (knit)

Thick titanium, silver or gold threads are assembled by hand, offering the flexibility of a mesh fabric.
Titanium is a light and resistant metal of medium gray color. It has the ability to reveal a wide spectrum of colours by the anodizing process.
The colour on titanium jewellery is only a thin and superficial layer, so it is fragile, especially rings and bracelets, fading over time. 


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