"Les Roseaux" Titanium Bangle

"Les Roseaux" Titanium Bangle with Gold Beads and Six Tourmalins


Martin Spreng

An oval-shaped titanium armband for a better fit on the wrist, decorated with gold beads and six tourmalins set in yellow gold. A very discreet hinge is integrated. One-off.

4 650,00 €

Delivery: about 1 week
Livraison gratuite en Europe
  • Weight : 99,8 Grams
  • Dimensions : 33mm wide
  • Main component : Titanium
  • Other component : 750 ‰ yellow gold
  • Main gemstone : Tourmaline
  • colour : green
  • colour : pink


Nature Redefined

Spreng is exploring the marvelous potentials of titaniul : lightness of vlumes, remarkable color play, engraving and patina possibilities have opened up a vast creative territory to illustrate his perpetual quest: the dialogue between the rough and the precious, magnifying the beauty of Nature to the point of reinvention. He experimented with titanium to obtain landscape-like assemblies, bundles of twigs or rushes ...


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