"Vane" Red and Black Bracelet

"Vane" Red and Black Bracelet
"Vane" Red and Black Bracelet


John Moore

Bracelets and necklaces made from multiple coloured discs of anodised aluminium, threaded like beads with silicone rubber.  The spaces between the discs allow the piece to flex and move in a sensual way, a bit like a slinky. The use of magnets in the catches adds another playful element because multiple pieces can be joined end-to-end. 
Exist in black/red; black/yellow, black/green...

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  • Weight : 25,3 Grams
  • Dimensions : 9 inches long
  • Main component : Aluminium
  • Other component : Rubber

The bright colours and the slatted structure make Vane reminiscent of tribal jewellery but the clean lines and regularity give it a machined aesthetic in contrast to it's organic movement



The Vane collection builds upon themes of repetition, abundance, movement and graduated colour. Inspiration came from looking closely at a parrot's feather and the blade-like fibres that radiate from the quill, known as the vane.


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