The Eye of Moscow

Moscow Eye
Moscow Eye


Agathe Saint Girons

Its ovoid shape holds it in place while the titanium's lightness makes it comfortable on the wrist. The variations of colours on the surface and inside illustrate the mastery of the material by the jeweller. Each piece is a one-off and may offer slight differences. Can be ordered in other colours. Please contact us and mention the name of the piece. 

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495,00 €

Delivery: 5 working days
Livraison gratuite en Europe
  • Main component : Titanium

Moscow's Eye ... Calling up the sometimes rough exchanges between parents and children ... Who is watching who?



 Jewellery in this collection (DINNNER'S READDYYY! in English)have been named before coming into the world and as an impulse to the creative act, a sort of catalyst of the desire to adorn... Fluctuating between humour and causticity, the pieces’ names  translate the long "learning of the mother tongue".


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