As jewellery designed to be showcased on clothing, brooches descend from the humble fibula that once held two pieces of cloth together. They now have a purely aesthetic role and give jewellery creators a broad field for expression. The contemporary brooches from our artists and creators are pieces of jewellery that occupy the space between art and design. Titanium, aluminium and even paper join gold and silver to offer infinite graphic possibilities through their extreme lightness...

Brooches can be worn by men and women alike; worn on a dress or as a pin on a jacket lapel, they can be discreet or extravagant... With their close cultural ties, brooches are very popular in Northern Europe and are experiencing a real comeback in France. Claire Wolfstirn, Kayo Saito, Martin Spreng, Marianne Anselin and Ute Decker have taken light metals and materials and given them amazing proportions. Come and meet them at the gallery…

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Tout afficher

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600 - 3450 €