Fine or lyrical

Enter the world of exceptional poetic jewellery designs by designers such as Esther Assouline, Annie Sibert, Catherine Mannheim or Yael Sonia who are inspired by art and nature. These delicate jewellery designs are borrowed from poetry, femininity, dream and sweetness. The shapes are thin, clean, the jewels are quietly colourful while being chic. Quartz or aquamarine pendant, elegant necklace, fine or floral rings, fine or chiselled bracelets, refined earrings, feminine necklaces. The creations are made with: white gold, yellow, pink, silver, titanium or steel and have precious or precious stones such as diamonds and rubies, pearls.

Elsa Vanier offers you other styles of designer jewellery like love jewellery, plant inspirations, graphics, or design. Each jewel comes with a certificate of authenticity. We also have a jewellery gallery in the heart of Paris if you wish to try and see our creations. Poetic jewellery is delivered free in France but also in Europe from 350 €. If you need additional information or advice, contact us, we will be happy to inform you.

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104 - 4281 €