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Discover a selection of plants and animals inspired jewelry. Flora and fauna are evoked in their form or through a detail. Some designers are devoting their art to nature, some others try to remind humankind that we owe the nature respect and protection.

These crafteople constantly surprise us, here silver is oxydized to evoke the bark,  gold is striated to imitate wood,  wrought iron is transforming into maple fruit, gold brings a touch of light, small diamonds a drop of dew. Titanium necklaces evoke the growth of Virginia creeper ...

Animals are not left behind, from the most familiar to the most exotic, from the most expressive to the most intriguing. Lioness, octopus, sea anemones, dog, hedgehog ... A true bestaire had invaded the gallery for the exhibition "Animalité" at the end of 2017 and many were unique pieces. Soft or sharp shapes, combinations of rich materials, delicate colors. Most animal or plant-inspired jewelry on sale on the site are also visible at the gallery in Paris.

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