Pendants work well for any occasion. They can be hung from a chain or cord and make a simple and subtle first piece of jewellery; an excellent birthday or baby gift, or can mark an event. They suit everyone and cater to all tastes. Pendants can be big or small; Baroque, classical, romantic or sophisticated.

We offer modern pendants in a range of styles and materials: white gold, rose gold, steel, aluminium, solid silver for women, satin-finish metal, or chiselled. Some designer men's and women's pendants have semi-precious or precious stones like diamonds, aquamarine and emerald. Niessing pendants come in various colours of gold and astonishing designs. They are worn on a flexible coil that emphasises facial curves.

Contemporary pendants are more than just accessories: they take outfits to the next level. The choice is even harder as designers like Claire Wolfstirn offer a ready-to-wear range starting at 190 euros with chains in various lengths.

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Tout afficher

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Tout afficher

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159 - 4161 €