The baroque jewels selected by the gallery are jewels of contemporary designers and designers who revisited this Italian artistic movement of the 16th / 18th century.

Timeless, the baroque style continues in jewellery and remains an infinite source of inspiration. Initially, the "Baroque" is a term used in jewellery to mean a "pearl of irregular shape". Some of its principle characteristics are - the exaggeration of the movement, the dominance of curves reminiscent of Baroque architecture, open forms, exuberance, floral motifs, and the richness of colours, especially red, which is very representative of this period. Baroque modernized and reworked jewels are both refined and complex at the same time.

If you are looking for a certain retro / vintage style, you will find it in these collections earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets as well as baroque rings for women made from different materials (18 or 22 carat yellow gold, titanium, glass, silver and even copper) and precious or fine stones (diamond, sapphire, opal ...). These unique pieces are available for order from this site or in our gallery in Paris. Delivery is free in Europe.

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