John Moore

John Moore is an award-winning jewellery artist. Born in a very creative family in Great Britain, in 1980, The young John would be found at the kitchen table making masks, kites, puppets and sculpture, or out collecting feathers, gazing into fish ponds or watching the flight of dragon flies. Even as his story has evolved, these experiences continue to inspire his work today. John now regularly exhibits his work at major exhibitions including Goldsmiths Fair and SOFA, Chicago.After an Art Foundation course at Warwickshire College, his BA Honours in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University introduced him to more materials and processes. As jewellery became the focus for his final year, he discovered the joys of anodised aluminium for creating large and colourful pieces.John Moore lives and works in Brighton where he continues on his creative journey with the same sense of creative freedom he felt as a child.