Do you know the difference between bangles, chains and cuffs?

Yes, they're all bracelets worn around the wrist. But bangles are narrower, can be worn by men and women, are slid onto the arm, can have clasps, and slip down onto the top of the hand as you move. Chains consist of a series of rings and are closely fitted at the wrist. Finally, cuffs are rigid bracelets that are slid onto the forearm and can sometimes cover the arm all the way up to the elbow... 

Our designer women's bracelets are more than accessories: with the same impact as a necklace, they give your body language a personal touch.

Our designers offer very few silver charm or gemstone cord bracelets. Rather, bracelet fans will find pieces in bright colours with beautiful precious stones in the gallery. One of our designers has created bracelets, chains in gold and green garnet, spinel and lapis lazuli that can be placed end-to-end to form a necklace.

Certain designer women's bracelets can be added to a necklace to create a graphic bangle pendant.

Main component


Tout afficher

Main Color

Tout afficher

Main gemstone



124 - 12180 €