Karin Roy Andersson

Karin Roy Andersson

Portrait Karin Roy AnderssonKarin Roy Andersson lives in Göteborg on the Swedish west coast where she also got her MFA at the Academy of Design and Crafts in 2009. To Karin a big part of art jewellery is communication. When a piece meets an audience a process starts. The artist’s experiences are mixed with the thoughts and associations of others and the object develops.

Since she was a kid, she has had a strong interest in animals, especially fish and birds. She loves their shape, their movements and the pattern of the feathers and scales, their bodies, faces and exceptional behaviour. There’s something magnetic with the world of the oceans; frightening, exciting and with a beauty that comes with the tension between these feelings.

We met Karin while looking for artists who were concerned by the plastic pollution in the oceans. As she says : "When adding recycled plastics to my jewellery, I realized that jumping into the ocean these days you might be more likely to end up with plastics on your body than scales from a fish."

Karin Roy Andersson jewellery can be found in permanent collections: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden, The School of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg, Sweden and the Fondazione Raffaele Cominelli, Contemporary Jewellery, Permanent Collection, Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy.

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