Oliver Schmidt

Oliver Schmidt

Oliver SchmidtThe knot is the most comprehensive theme in Oliver Schmidt‘s entire jewelry collection. This captivating image recurs in many variations and several metals such as gold, platinum, pure or blackened steel, his knots are tightly tied or loosely looped... A knot as a ring or on the ear, understated or sumptuous with diamond pavé. Alongside knots, other themes such as loops, dragonflies, leaves and whirls enliven Oliver Schmidt’s collection. The light flows across their clear shape and sketches shiny lines along their soft edges.

This award-winning goldsmith was born near Lake Constance, Germany, in 1970. He first chose an apprenticeship in goldsmithing and then took courses at the University of Applied Arts and Jewelry in Pforzheim. 

For this jeweller, a piece of jewelry is a snapshot of a movement. The shapes of the design evoke connotations and tell their own tales. They speak of nature, relationships, bonds and turning points. they can have human references and can spark emotions…in her and in him.

He regularly participates in group exhibitions in Germany and abroad (USA, Austria, Spain and Japan). His entry to the gallery is also his first exhibition in France.

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374 - 1241 €