8 Jewellers, 1 KALEIDOSCOPE

The time of an exhibition, the gallery is transformed into a giant kaleidoscope...

From 9th December 2018 to mid-February, eight European designers, mostly exhibited for the first time in France, offer new colors, textures and materials that enrich the existing scene.

Donna Brennan’s work typically features sculpturally wrapped rings hewn from 18ct Gold, clustered with an assemblage of precious stones and gems. Inspired by nature and the notion of time. Luisa Bruni sculpts pieces full of emotion and poetry. Using « Fairtrade » gold and silver, Ute Decker choreographs architectural lines and dynamic curvatures into evocative sculptures. Laura Forte designs mainly large geometrical rings, in gold and oxidized silver, that offer powerful contrasts. Fraser Hamilton creates tableaux of collapsed monuments, remnants of antiquity, and roughly cut statues … Daphne Krinos’ sculptural jewellery is instantly recognizable, defined by bold use of color, form, shape and texture. Jeweler and lapidary, Mark Nuell cuts and polishes precious stones and crimps them in brightly colorful jewelry. As for Cristina Zani, she is influenced by South Korea’s urban and architectural landscape thus creating sculptural, bold and tactile jewelry pieces, in colorful wood and metal…

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189 - 5351 €