Thu-Thao Le ThiBorn in Japan, educated in the western world, having lived in Vietnam, Brazil, Italy and now France, Thu-Thao Le Thi is rich of many cultures.
Intensely driven by Archeology since her childhood, she designs the MWPARIS fine jewellery pieces in limited editions of 8 and finds her inspiration in the roots of the Orient and the Occident : myths and ancient symbols. Her figurative pieces bear signs and messages and testify of ancient beliefs.

To the colour specialist, gemstones are a real source of wonder and Thu-Thao  enjoys experimenting colours interactions as did Josef Albers during his years at the Bauhaus…
Her pieces are hand-made in Parisian workshops. They are numbered, proposed in a limited edition of 8 and some are one-offs.

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2550 - 7500 €